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What Is Female Rejuvenation?

As a person ages, there may come a time where they find that their intimate areas aren’t working as they once did. For people with vaginas, this process may be rather uncomfortable and may come to affect their sex life. Decreased sensitivity, dryness, and sagging in the vagina are all common and natural effects of aging. With the help of modern medicine, however, there are many options for “female” rejuvenation that are non-invasive and effective. In the right hands, feminine rejuvenation is a fantastic way to regain confidence in yourself and restore your sex life. We want to make female rejuvenation surgery and various other restorative treatments available to people across the Bath, MI area. Our physicians will clearly walk you through the entire vaginal rejuvenation process, and accommodate your comfort level.

We understand that a large part of seeking out vaginal rejuvenation is finding a physician that cares and will prioritize your comfort. At North44, our doctors make a point of accommodating your unique needs and communicating with you every step of the way. That means taking things at your pace and being upfront about what to expect out of your treatment. So, call today to learn more about the process in Bath, MI.


Feminine Rejuvenation Benefits

Oftentimes, taking the time and effort to look for female rejuvenation services isn’t just about cosmetic improvement. While of course there’s no “wrong” reason to seek out these types of procedures, we recognize that many people are looking to improve their quality of life. Things like hormonal changes and childbirth can often create unwanted changes within our bodies, and we don’t believe that anyone should just have to “deal with it”.

Some of the more well-known benefits of feminine rejuvenation include:

  • Reducing dryness
  • Less leakage
  • Reducing pain during sex/urination
  • Helps with incontinence and frequency of urination

As with any cosmetic procedure, there may be some mild side effects and restrictions on what you can/can’t do after getting female rejuvenation . For instance, it is not recommended that you have sex or use a tampon for a few days after any vaginal rejuvenation procedure. As always we recommend that you talk to your physician on what side effects you may expect and if the procedure is right for you.

How Does The Vaginal Rejuvenation Process Work

For patients seeking a non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation process, there are a variety of radiofrequency based lasers (like the Juliet laser). This helps to stimulate collagen in the vagina, improving tightness and tone. In general, most patients start reaping the full benefits of the procedure after around three sessions. That being said, it is recommended to go in around a year afterward so that a professional can monitor your progress.

Our Board-Certified Physician Will Make Sure Your Female Rejuvenation Surgery Goes Smoothly

Our mission at North44 is to make sure that you’re in a world of comfort from the moment you walk in. More than just providing care, we want you to be in an environment that promotes healing and good results. Female rejuvenation laser treatment and surgery are sensitive procedures and require the steady and reliable hands of experienced experts.

Leave the past behind, and allow yourself the luxury of being able to take back your most intimate moments from the ravages of time. If you would like to speak to one of our experts about our female rejuvenation treatments, give us a call at (517) 999-3933 or visit our contact us page.

We treat patients from all over Michigan, including:

  • East Lansing, MI
  • Grand Ledge, MI
  • Fowlerville, MI
  • Mason, MI
  • Charlotte, MI
  • Durand, MI
  • DeWitt, MI
  • Potterville, MI
  • Delta Charter Township, MI
  • Watertown Charter Township, MI
  • Bath, MI
  • Portland, MI

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