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What Are Glytone Face Peels?

Glytone face peels are professional, in-office corrective treatments for a variety of skin problems, including sunburn damage, acne, uneven texture, and rosacea. This medical-grade peel penetrates deeply through layers of skin, with advanced Enerpeel technology designed for minimal irritation. Our trained physicians are proud to introduce this revolutionary technology in Bath, MI.


Learn About Our Glytone Benefits

Glytone peels penetrate deeper into the skin to permanently resolve surface issues, such as hyperpigmentation, blemishes, and signs of aging. With different intensity levels available depending on the severity of your skin issues, Glytone stands a grade above other similar medical peels. Glytone contains the same healthy, clinically tested organic acid with the same pH balance as other chemical peels, but causes little to no irritation or surface trauma.

How Our Peels Can Help With Sunburn Treatment

Excessive sun exposure can affect the long-term health of your skin, causing damage on multiple layers. Glytone peels use clinically proven ingredients for deeper exfoliation to treat thicker, more severely sun-damaged skin. Glytone peels rejuvenate and restore damaged cells to make surface blemishes and sun spots vanish for good.

Our Board-Certified Physician Will Make Sure Your Skin Texture Peels Go Smoothly

Trust our trained physicians to provide a top-of-the-line Glytone peel treatment, with lasting results you’ll love. During your free consultation, we’ll determine the best Glytone peel for your skin type and level of damage, and after your treatment, we’ll walk you through the post-care steps for long-term skin health and wellness. Give us a call today to find out if Glytone is right for you.

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