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Should I Have DVT Testing Done?

Deep vein thrombosis (DVT) is a blood clot that typically occurs below superficial vessels and in deeper veins that go directly to the heart and brain. These clots typically occur in the calf or thigh. Some people are genetically predisposed to it, but the risk increases with age for everyone. At that point, we recommend DVT testing with a simple ultrasound. Fortunately, this type of vascular study is painless and typically takes less than an hour with a good technician. A simple DVT study can detect a variety of health issues, and should be a regular part of anyone’s wellness plan. If you’re from the Fowlerville, MI area and are looking for an office that provides reliable and easy DVT services, give us a call.

With our top-notch and experienced technicians, DVT testing can become a painless part of your regular healthcare routine. In addition to being at the top of our field in terms of medical expertise, we value a strong bedside manner. Our patients come first, and that shows in the compassion we show you, no matter how many times you’ve been here. Whether you’re a first-time patient or have been with us for years, we’re ready to welcome you with open arms.


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Are You In Need of Getting A Vascular Study Done?

As previously mentioned, DVT is a serious condition that requires preemptive detection by a vascular study. Fortunately, when caught early enough, it can be easily treated by the proper medication or other noninvasive procedures.

Some factors that might put you at risk for DVT include:

  • Age (especially if you’re over 40)
  • History of blood clots
  • Genetics
  • Long periods of inactivity
  • High levels of estrogen (i.e. pregnant)

The last thing you want is to put off DVT testing until a clot finds its way into an important part of your body. If you believe yourself to be at risk for or experiencing symptoms of DVT, contact a medical professional immediately.


Check Out Our DVT Services near Fowlerville, MI

At North44, it’s our mission to make worthwhile medical services accessible to a variety of people. That means creating a holistic environment where our professionals are as communicative as possible. Our DVT testing experts also believe in using clear, consistent language that won’t create any confusion. We will tell you our professional opinion of what steps you should take based on your unique situation and do what we can to help you move forward. Something as simple as DVT services should be pleasant and routine. Part of that is making a patient-centric environment where the focus is on helping our clients, rather than throwing treatments at the wall to see what sticks.

We Offer A Same-Day DVT Study

Of course, part of making our treatments accessible is providing results as soon as possible. Medical concerns wait don’t wait for business hours, after all. Our technicians make a point of walking you through the outcome of your DVT study on the same day. Part of providing great care is giving clear results as soon as possible, and that certainly counts for DVT testing.

It’s time to rethink health. If you have any questions about DVT testing or any of our other procedures, call (517) 999-3933. Be sure to ask about our free consultations and monthly deals. It’s time to demand the best from your medical providers, and we’re here to give it to you.

We treat patients from all over Michigan, including:

  • East Lansing, MI
  • Grand Ledge, MI
  • Fowlerville, MI
  • Mason, MI
  • Charlotte, MI
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